December 2, 2007

Hey hey!

Just a little update: I have spent most of last week, all morning today cleaning and sorting and organizing. The front is almost done and then it’s  to the office.  If anyone wants to buy a cheap CRT monitor 15,17,19 inch let me know I can give you a really good deal on one! I’m looking at maybe another week or two before I can starting taking customers with reasonable certainty. I am ahead of schedule and things are moving right along. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask



The GeoBug Philosiphy (or at least part of it)

November 24, 2007

GeoBug Media

Wherever possible we use free and open source software with you, our valued customer and in our own use. We feel that by doing this we can add more value to your experience here. Some of the software that is completely free and available without harsh proprietary restrictions are

Mozilla Firefox – web browser
Mozilla Thunderbird – E-mail and RSS Feed reader
OpenOffice.org – Office Application Suite

Whenever possible we provide The OpenCD this is a CD full of free high – quality software in a wide range of categories. If you would like one just ask and we’ll give you one! Or, for a small service fee we can install any or all of the applications for you and provide you with a handy CD.

For more information about Open Source Software or a specific software mentioned ( or not ) feel free to inquire!

GeoBug Media


Workstation + Server!

November 23, 2007

 Hey folks!

Today, the first of two things is going to happen. I am going to retire my old clock radio and turn it into a point of sale workstation running Ubuntu 7.10 I’ve installed an old second graphics card so I can run dual monitors as to allow one customers can’t see and one to present to them with at the counter. I’ve got plenty to work with and this fun little machine has years of service left in it. Depending how well that goes today I am going to try to get stated on at least designing the shop’s main server which will be running Ubuntu server 7.10.

Next project is to setup maybe two windows machines and two Linux machine for the customers in the customer area. I hope to have maybe six at some point for classes and what not (three each) This weekend Paul and I are going to be cleaning up the shop and taking inventory.

What I can’t sell goes.  Thanks for all the support!



Compiz-Fusion 3-d On Old Machine – Vista take some Lessons.

November 22, 2007

GeoBug Media – Keepin’ It Real!

November 20, 2007


WoW! Things have really been hectic around here lately! Moving into the new shop is going just swell and the first order of business has begun!

a) a draft of the shop’s layout has been created as a blueprint.

b) some consulting has been done and a work order system designed and will be implemented when the layout is done.

c) accounting software is on the way – Quickbooks Pro

d) at the time (hopefully this weekend) the shop is laid out inventory will be taken and assessed.

e) the first phase of advertising will roll out.


GeoBug Media – 1.0 Launch

November 17, 2007


Bug here, I just wanted to drop in and let y’all know that I’m having a meeting today in the hopes of getting GeoBug Media a brick & mortar establishment. Wish me luck!

Agenda: This afternoon I’m going to do a walk through around a local shop and make some assessments. Then with that information the GeoBug Media business plan & model will be written. With that I plan to seek investment capitol. I’m going to assault every resource at once: banks, grants, and perhaps personal loans. We’ll see.



openSUSE 10.3 + Compiz-Fusion = Spiderman Love!

November 16, 2007

Spidey 3 theme (custom)